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Samay-Asia Pressfeeds & Coil Automation Company
     (An ISO 9001:2015 & CE Certified Company)


Made by Samay-Asia is a guarantee that has there, dedication and superior technology because a worldwide synonyms for outstanding precision, performance, reliability and highly efficient press feeds & coil automation technology.

Samay-Asia customer also profit from the unequalled durability of the press feeds & coil automation. The proof of this is a large number of satisfied customers. We have been using our products. No matter how complex your application is the worldwide.

Samay-Asia team will find solution that serves you need efficiently and effectively.

Samay-Asia products are used in different areas of production of Sheet Metal Components like Door-Hings, Electrical Stamping & Lamination, Relay, Gaskits, Thermostates, Autoparts, Circular Saw, Cluch Paltes, Wire Components of plastics or paper are to make the production more faster & more accurate.

Samay-Asia has highly co-operative technical & spares/service department which deal in urgently & in the most effective way with customers applications & operational problems, from the enquiry stage through yours of sybsequent use. So why not take parts in one of our intensive hand-on seminar. We would like to welcome you to the high-tech. Pressfeed and coil automation world of samay-asia.

Legal Information:
IEC Code = 0514087994
PAN Number = AOSPJ2073G
TIN/VAT Number = 07610441438
Numbers of Employee = 25 to 30 members

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